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A collaborative publishing platform for use by the University of Calgary community, UCalgary Blogs is offered by the Taylor Institute Educational Development Unit as part of its efforts to extend effective blended and online learning on campus.

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Personal Blog

A personal blog is a great place to put your thoughts into words. Whether you want to share your likes and dislikes, or document your adventures, UCalgary Blogs is a place where you can tell your story.

Official Site

The University of Calgary runs some great initiatives, like student clubs. A club website is a great central hub for members to connect, find out about events, and share news.

Course Site

UCalgary Blogs is a great pedagogical tool, providing instructors with the capability to build anything from a website for hosting open course content, to a class blog curated by student authors.


An ePortfolio can be used as an extension for your CV and is a place for you to highlight not only your accomplishments. Alternatively, ePortfolios can be an assignment for students to document and showcase their development over the course of a class or program.

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You can create as many sites as you need with UCalgary Blogs and design each site to suit your needs.

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This is an experimental learning and collaborative space, and we’ll be adding features and changing the site as needed. If you have any requests, questions, or concerns, please let us know.