What is ucalgaryblogs.ca?

ucalgaryblogs.ca is a blogging service offered by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. The goal is to provide a publishing platform that offers features tuned to making it easy to publish, manage, and share content in a higher education environment.

This service runs the same software as the popular WordPress.com and EduBlogs.org services. This means there are literally millions of people using this blogging software, and the community of developers and users is extremely active and productive.

Why ucalgaryblogs.ca?

The main reasons for hosting this service (as opposed to just sending people to use WordPress.com and EduBlogs.org) are local hosting – avoiding the Patriot Act and its privacy implications that are invovled with any server hosted in the US – and fostering a community of users around a powerful publishing platform on campus.

A non-ucalgary.ca url was selected to show that it is intended as a separate service, where students and faculty will be able (and encouraged) to publish their own content, and make their blogs entirely their own. Change the theme. Add your own widgets. This is your space.

Do I have to use ucalgaryblogs.ca?

No. Absolutely not. If you’re rather use WordPress.com, EduBlogs.org, Blogger.com, TypePad.com (or any of a long list of options) or even host your own blog, please feel free to do so. You are not compelled in any way to use ucalgaryblogs.ca.

Do I have to stay at ucalgaryblogs.ca?

Nope. All of your content is easily exported, and can be imported anywhere else later if you want to move. After you graduate, for instance. Or if you move to another institution. Your content is not locked down here – you can take it with you at any time.