Building Community and Communication The Peer Ambassadors at Forest Lawn are an interconnected group. They work with other groups in the school, providing volunteer support to help enhance different events. Their goal? Create a stronger sense of com (More)
Bringing Mental Health Conversations Into the Open The over-arching theme Bishop McNally's student leaders identified was dealing with increasing feelings of anxiety. The group shared that this anxiety stems from pressures at home and at school, and (More)
An Asset-Based Approach to Strength and Resiliency Kainai High School's youth leaders have started a series of change initiatives this year. Across each of these projects, Kainai's students have had the opportunity to learn and apply new skills, exp (More)
Rant and Relate: A Club for Action Ted Harrison's Grade 9 leadership students walked away from the September Youth Forum with three key issues in mind: mental health, shifts of power, and discrimination. To address these issues in their school commu (More)
Creating Community From the Ground Up Nelson Mandela High School opened in September 2016. As students in a new school, Mandela's youth leaders decided to start a pledge campaign that would establish a welcoming and caring environment built around e (More)
After attending the Youth Forum in September, students from 20 Calgary area schools have been hard at work creating change initiatives in their communities. The students have tackled a wide range of issues: their projects include organizing Mental He (More)
Dr. Shirley Steinberg and Director Michael McDonald host a screening for two new hip hop films (More)
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Wellness, Nutrition, and Creating Real Conversations For Arbour Lake's grade 9 students, it's easy to walk around the school's hallways. But they remember when it was a lot harder. Three years earlier, they found grade 9 students intimidating and ha (More)
Where can you make the most difference? When they attended Werklund's Youth Leadership Forum in September 2016, students at St. Mary's wanted to help the people who needed it the most. For these high school students, that meant reaching outside of t (More)
What is happiness? Students at Western Canada High School set out to answer this question as part of their study of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. This project grew into a school-wide movement for social activism focusing on Compassion, Connection (More)
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