[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video] This past summer, I made a course trailer for a class called KNES213: Introduction to Research in Kinesiology for Dr. (More)
By Emily Puckett Rodgers on October 20, 2016 It was the last day and the final panel of the Designing Libraries for the 21st Century conference. Leonora Crema, the scholarly communications librarian at the University of British Columbia, tol (More)
One of the cool perks of being a grad student is being part of various research projects. One of my new projects is Learning Spaces. Specifically, the learning studios within the gorgeous Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. For the uninitia (More)
This is my first post on the English 311 blog, just to check a few features of this theme like where the tags show up -- and what happens when you set a Featured Image. I see it appears above the title of this post on the home page, but not in the po (More)