Self-Assessment and Reflection “This puts grading right into students’ hands” – Dr. Lisa Stowe Background How to grade participation is often a difficult decision for instructors.  Traditional methods often privilege confident students wh (More)
Reflecting Diversity in Assessment "Students develop a better faith in learning...Some say to me that this is how all of university should be" -Dr. Ron Glasberg Background Dr. Ronald Glasberg is an associate professor in the department of Communic (More)
Self-Assessment and Reflection “[The paper] is helping prime the students to start thinking about their own experiences and connecting them to the academic content we discuss” –Leighton Wilks Background Leighton Wilks, an instructor in the H (More)
Self-Assessment and Reflection “When they’ve already assessed themselves, it makes it easier for me to identify strengths and weaknesses” –Dr. Ken MacMillan Background Dr. Ken MacMillan is a highly regarded Professor in the Department of H (More)