Discipline-Specific Assessment Methods “Experiential learning leads to a multi-dimensional sense of learning. A lot of that happens outside of [students’] comfort zones” –Dr. Lisa Stowe Background Dr. Lisa Stowe believes that the Communica (More)
I've been frustrated because I've been looking at my project data (space bookings for courses in the Taylor Institute) with such a rigid timeline/calendar perspective. I wanted to try something different, to see what a non-chronological interpretatio (More)
Feed-Forward Assessment Feedback "We see a lot of development in the students throughout the week... they get a lot of feedback because everything is laid out for them" - Dr. Brandon Karchewski Background Dr. Brandon Karchewski, along with sever (More)
Authentic Learning Experiences  “Students can bring together a huge number of the things they have learned throughout their undergraduate program to produce one piece of software that they can be really proud of and that they can show off when tr (More)
Peer Feedback and Collaboration “Everything we do is for the students and for their learning and development” -Norm Althouse Background Group projects are a great way to develop communication and teamwork skills in students, but they can be di (More)