Helping teachers design appropriate and engaging technological experiences Young children are growing up in technology-rich environments, and come to school with different experiences using technology. As a result, teachers need to be prepared t (More)
Professional Development “The biggest thing that I do to make sure my assessment methods are fair, especially in larger, first year classes, is train the TAs” - Dr. Jason Donev Background Many undergraduate classes rely on the use of graduate (More)
The Educational Development Unit has recognized the value of ePortfolios, which are used for teaching, learning, and professional development at the University of Calgary.  Several of us have worked together since 2015 to develop a wide variety of t (More)
Mid-level leaders driving school innovation Assigned by their principals, learning leaders take on the challenging task of helping other teachers design learning to meet the needs of diverse students. In their schools, these learning leaders often (More)
Helping social studies teachers incorporate Francophone perspectives A New Mandate In 2005, an Alberta Education initiative asked all K-12 social studies teachers in the province to regularly engage with Francophone perspectives in their teachi (More)
Supporting higher education leaders as they transition into their roles Leaders in academia are crucial to creating vision, setting strategic approaches, and facilitating constructive and positive academic environments. As universities, colleges, (More)