September 22 I converted a song (Memory by Com Truise) into a wearable bracelet. Interestingly, the sound waves hide the data they represent, keeping the song you're wearing private in a pubic space.   [embed] (More)
September 19 I decided to visualize my Netflix history, from last Fall semester, as a 'forest' of data. Each branch on the tree is one episode watched. Interestingly, I found a gap in the data. There must have been a show that wasn't on Netflix du (More)
September 18 I traced the primary shape of each app icon in the dock of my Mac. These are the shapes I see every time I open my computer. I was able to sort the shapes into four groups. Rectangular, Tilted Rectangular, Round, and Other. The bl (More)
September 16, 2017 About one month of sleep data was collected (August 20 - September 16) with Sleep Cycle from the end of summer break to my first week of classes in grad school. I took a screenshot of each day of data collected then stacked each (More)
September 15   I took the colors of the apps on my iPhone's home screen and simplified the icons into four primary colors each. These are the colours I see every day when I unlock my phone. What colours do you have on your home screen? Can you (More)
[gallery ids="152,153,154"] September 14 I visited Pizza Hut and asked them for a side of each topping they offer on their pizzas. After, I grouped them into three bins: Toppings I always like - Banana Peppers, Marinated Tomatoes, Roasted G (More)
September 12, 2017 A personal data visualization keeping track of the people who I considered to be 'with' throughout the day. My day began with attending CAMPFest with a friend. During the middle of the show, my friend had to go. I then visited f (More)