There are mainly two platforms available at U of C which are specifically tailored for ePortfolio: UCalgary ePortfolio: UCalgary ePortfolio is your personal flexible digital space for reflecting, documenting, representing, collaborating, and sharin (More)
Hi there, My name is Mohammad. I am the ePortfolio coach at the Schulich School of Engineering and this is the first episode of a series on ePortfolio. Through this series of posts, I am going to introduce you to ePortfolio and its benefits for your (More)
Principals as instructional leaders in schools In their increasingly complex and demanding roles, principals face numerous challenges balancing their duties as both administrators and instructional leaders in schools. While many principals want (More)
How school system leaders can improve student learning While teachers are known to be the most influential factor impacting student learning and achievement, superintendents and school system leaders can also have a significant influence. Educat (More)
Last summer I was literally forced to accompany my baby cousins to a park because lets accept the fact, “Kids nowadays emotionally torture you to an extent that you give in.” Moreover they are cute!!!! So coming back to the part where I was sitti (More)