“By the time they hand in their papers, they already know what their grade is going to be because of the feedback they've been getting” – Dr. Sarah Eaton Background Dr. Sarah Eaton teaches several graduate-level online courses in the Werklund (More)
Using assessment data to inform future choices Background Dr. Markus Dann is a professor in the department of Civil Engineering, where he teaches courses of various sizes and levels. His graduate-level course, Risk Analysis (ENCI 645) is open to st (More)
Facilitating peer-assessment opportunities  "They can give a lot more individually than I can 20 times over. And they get good at it too."- Patti Dyjur Background Educational Research 679 is a graduate level course that focuses on educational tec (More)
Providing Feedback Opportunities “They’ve had plenty of opportunities for feedback and they should have a project that they can be proud of" -Patti Dyjur Background Dr. Patti Dyjur has taught various courses for the Werklund School of Educatio (More)