Providing Feedback Opportunities "Giving so much feedback is an investment in student learning that I am able to make." - Dr. Annette Tezli Background Dr. Annette Tezli is a sociology instructor at the University of Calgary. The assessment methods (More)
Providing Feedback Opportunities “If [students] want to be taken seriously as musicians, they need to have a solid understanding of the foundations” – Dr. Joelle Welling Background Dr. Joelle Welling is a Senior Instructor in the Department (More)
“By the time they hand in their papers, they already know what their grade is going to be because of the feedback they've been getting” – Dr. Sarah Eaton Background Dr. Sarah Eaton teaches several graduate-level online courses in the Werklund (More)
Self-Assessment and Reflection “When they’ve already assessed themselves, it makes it easier for me to identify strengths and weaknesses” –Dr. Ken MacMillan Background Dr. Ken MacMillan is a highly regarded Professor in the Department of H (More)
Culture Shift in Assessment “It’s really exhilarating. There’s an incredible focus that can’t happen during the regular semester.” –Dr. Cornelia Burian Background The University of Calgary offers a unique learning opportunity for stude (More)
Balancing Formative and Summative Assessment “I try to keep things as low stakes as possible, so they have the opportunity to try and to get things wrong” - Dr. Jason Donev Background Dr. Jason Donev is a Senior Instructor in the department of (More)
Learning Partnerships and Discussion of Assessments “A big part of making the student experience great is opening up the decisions we are making” - Dr. Amy Burns Background Universal Design for Learning (UDL) acknowledges that every learner ha (More)
Using screencasts to improve feedback on student assignments Feedback plays a significant role in the learning process. Effective feedback can help students to understand and monitor their learning, highlighting both strengths and areas for impr (More)
Providing post-secondary ELLs with high quality feedback Formative assessment provides students with feedback that focuses on growth, rather than a grade. Effective formative feedback can help students demonstrate that learning has taken place, (More)
Facilitating peer-assessment opportunities  "They can give a lot more individually than I can 20 times over. And they get good at it too."- Patti Dyjur Background Educational Research 679 is a graduate level course that focuses on educational t (More)
Providing Feedback Opportunities “They’ve had plenty of opportunities for feedback and they should have a project that they can be proud of" -Patti Dyjur Background Dr. Patti Dyjur has taught various courses for the Werklund School of Educatio (More)