“With everything that is happening in the course, you don’t even need grades” – Lisa Silver Background The idea of eliminating grades in favor of pass/fail or credit courses has become a popular discussion in higher education. There is some (More)
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Institution-Wide Assessment Culture Shift “The way that culture changes is through conversations at every level” –Dr. Leslie Reid Dr. Leslie Reid has a rich background as a Teaching and Learning advocate and leader at the University of Calga (More)
Providing Feedback Opportunities “If [students] want to be taken seriously as musicians, they need to have a solid understanding of the foundations” – Dr. Joelle Welling Background Dr. Joelle Welling is a Senior Instructor in the Department (More)
Fostering Motivation and Confidence through Assessment “I think it is helping those students who otherwise may not have kept up as well stay with the material and keep the focus on it” – Dr. Karen Bourrier Background Dr. Karen Bourrier teach (More)
Student Choice in Assessment “I am asking [the students] to join me in learning together” – Sharaz Khan Background Every student learns differently. Certain methods of assessment work well for some students, but not for others. Allowing stud (More)
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