Reflecting Diversity in Assessment "Students develop a better faith in learning...Some say to me that this is how all of university should be" -Dr. Ron Glasberg Background Dr. Ronald Glasberg is an associate professor in the department of Communic (More)
Reflecting Diversity in Assessment “[Students] came away with some really diverse perspectives.” - Robin Mueller Background In the Winter 2017 semester, Dr. Robin Mueller piloted a course called UNIV 201: Global Challenges Inquiry I. The enti (More)
Creating Community From the Ground Up Nelson Mandela High School opened in September 2016. As students in a new school, Mandela's youth leaders decided to start a pledge campaign that would establish a welcoming and caring environment built around e (More)
  This project was initiated at the request of the Faculty of Arts in recognition that their courses frequently involve controversial content that can prove challenging from a teaching and learning perspective.  A case-based pilot work (More)