There is a composting project taking place in Crowsnest Hall as a Quality Money Program led by former resident Luis Welbanks. Students have been issued small green bins that should be lined with compostable bags. Residents can get extra bags from th (More)
I've noticed that the float at Crowsnest Hall has been turned around a few times. Please note that it has intentionally been set up as is so that it cannot be closed by pushing the drawer. Having the float the way it was originally set up seemed qui (More)
For those of you unaware, the 11th floor of Crowsnest Hall has a community of scholars called The College. This community also includes people that live on other Crowsnest floors, a couple of Family Housing tenants, as well as people off-campus. E (More)
Residence agreements for Crowsnest Hall are different than last year for a few items, especially the times of termination of the agreement by a resident. Residents in Crowsnest Hall cannot vacate on a months' calendar notice. Vacating policies ope (More)