How did students react to Specifications Grading being used in SCIE511/CMCL507? The following is a reflection on the course by one of Dr. Flanagan's students. Rachel Huh is a communications student at the University of Calgary. She took SCIE 511/CMC (More)
Reflecting Diversity in Assessment "Students develop a better faith in learning...Some say to me that this is how all of university should be" -Dr. Ron Glasberg Background Dr. Ronald Glasberg is an associate professor in the department of Communic (More)
Continuous Process of Assessment  “A big part of my lectures is ‘cheerleading’ to convince the students to spend time working on the course…Much of the deeper learning happens when they actually sit down in front of a computer and write pro (More)
  “As long as you get one good chance to talk with a student, you can continue that conversation through email, or quickly after class, or in more office house, because you’ve started somewhere, you are more connected as an instructor”. (More)