While improv comedy in the classroom might nurture your child’s stage talent, it’s also a highly effective way of teaching literacy. Pictured here, La Ligue d'Improvisation Montréalaise. (Wikipedia Commons), CC BY-NC-SA Since its first ent (More)
Providing Feedback Opportunities "Giving so much feedback is an investment in student learning that I am able to make." - Dr. Annette Tezli Background Dr. Annette Tezli is a sociology instructor at the University of Calgary. The assessment methods (More)
Providing Feedback Opportunities “If [students] want to be taken seriously as musicians, they need to have a solid understanding of the foundations” – Dr. Joelle Welling Background Dr. Joelle Welling is a Senior Instructor in the Department (More)
Reflecting Diversity in Assessment "Students develop a better faith in learning...Some say to me that this is how all of university should be" -Dr. Ron Glasberg Background Dr. Ronald Glasberg is an associate professor in the department of Communic (More)
Continuous Process of Assessment “Students need to have the ability to make mistakes and get things wrong…and not have it affect their grades. It’s a learning process.” – Dr. Ken MacMillan Background It can be difficult to give students (More)
Culture Shift in Assessment “It’s really exhilarating. There’s an incredible focus that can’t happen during the regular semester.” –Dr. Cornelia Burian Background The University of Calgary offers a unique learning opportunity for stude (More)
Self-Regulation and Independence "You have to think and ask yourself 'Why?' " - Dr. Mryka Hall-Beyer Background Geography is a interesting discipline that combines technical, scientific skills, as well as social and culture knowledge. It is the st (More)
Using Learning Outcomes in Assessment Background The department of psychology at the University of Calgary has a set of specific program learning outcomes (PLOs). Students need to achieve these outcomes at a high level in order to complete th (More)
Authentic Learning Experiences Background Consumer Psychology (PSYC 495) is a course that Dr. Melissa Boyce introduced to the University of Calgary a few years ago. It explores different aspects of consumerism and how buying and purchasing products (More)
Improving student engagement through the arts and social enterprise Ongoing concerns over student engagement has sparked an interest in alternative learning strategies in schools nationwide. Addressing student engagement through arts-based pedagog (More)