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    • updated strava heatmap
      Strava just updated their global heatmap, visualizing all GPS tracks uploaded to the service. I turn
    • ICP 2018 Now Recruiting Precep
      We are inviting preceptors (MDs, nurses, and RTs) to teach ICP 2018. The course runs June 25 - July
    • Larsen's Passing and Du Bois's
      Du Bois’s idea of “double consciousness” (Norton 922) relates to the characters in Nella Larsen’s Pa
    • Abstraction of Picasso
      In Stein’s ‘Picasso’, the repetition of words, and the confusing effect of this technique, mirrors t
    • Assignment 8
      Posted by Rishm Rana on Sunday, I didn't get a copy of the final document until today. Tectonic Orde
    • Cullen: An Indictment of God
      Countee Cullen Blog Post ENGL 463 In the poem “Yet Do I Marvel”, by Countee Cullen, the page veri
    • radial detail explosion
      This is from a project page from a Spanish architecture firm. Looks interesting, but the radial layo
    • Interpreting “In a Station of
      The short poem, “In a Station of the Metro” follows the Imagist principles that Ezra Pound himself o
    • "In a Station of the Metro": U
      Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro” is a prime example of Pound taking something old to “make i
    • "Picasso" as representing Cubi
      When I first read "Picasso" by Gertrude Stein, I had no idea what she was trying to express to her r
    • Mobile Payments
      source: https://www.fastcodesign.com/3033797/the-youtube-of-data-visualization-is-here I like thi
    • Wikibrains
      source: http://wikibrains.tumblr.com/post/85112921334/adobe-acquisitions-by-country Wikibrains
    • National waste
      source: https://visual.ly/blog/100-year-old-debate-science-art-data-visualization/ This visualiza
    • commemoration
      source: https://www.brainpickings.org/2014/10/14/best-american-infographics-2014-nate-silver/ In
    • Types of Emails
      source: https://www.brainpickings.org/2014/10/14/best-american-infographics-2014-nate-silver/ I l
    • Saharan dust tracking
      [embed]https://youtu.be/ygulQJoIe2Y[/embed] source: https://youtu.be/ygulQJoIe2Y I like this prese
    • Evolution of life
        source: https://www.fastcodesign.com/3043479/worlds-largest-tree-of-life-visualizes-50000-sp
    • Olympic Bias
      According to this, Norway is great at Winter Olympics! I'm curious about the categories they're in
    • Inflation
      Source My wife always tells me that her friends don't like me at first because I don't talk enoug
    • Theft in the workforce
      Source When you think about theft in the workforce, I bet wage theft isn't the first thing that c
    • Reference Stats for 2016-17
      So, here they are.  They will be posted on our website shortly, but this is a sneak peak.  That said
    • Installation
      This is a recent installation using small screens for the Cannes film fest called EmotiCannes as i
    • Colour-coded packaging
      Usually companies colour code these things. It makes it so easy to know what's what without having
    • bubbling over time
      I’m playing with my data again, trying to dial in how I want to set it up as an interactive visualiz
    • Assignment 8 - Taylor, Kelsey
      Assignment 8 - Taylor, Kelsey & Josie
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    • Thank you, Dr. Walker. For calculation of your CARS score, would you divide the difference between (More)
    • Hello Dr. Walker, Thanks for your time to do the work and create the stats. After reading the appli (More)
    • I agree with Nancy Alan! The framework would provide a great start for helping faculty identify whe (More)
    • Thank you Nicola! It was a fantastic collaborative process. We are eager to hear how others share, (More)
    • What a tremendous organizing framework for a dossier!! Nicely put together! I very much appreciated (More)
    • Yup. that was my mistake. (More)
    • Mine also says "Application Submitted". I called the office this morning and was informed that it is (More)
    • Hi Yolande, We look forward to hearing more about how you use the framework to help frame professio (More)
    • Nancy and colleagues, thank you for sharing. I am working in Health Professions Education and I am (More)
    • Hi, Alan. Ah, what an important task. I can imagine some self-reflection on where they see themselve (More)
    • Hi, Shamini. Such a great question! Yes, we'd love to hear some responses as well. Colleagues, wha (More)
    • Hi, Emma. One of the authors of the framework (Carol Johnson) was from the University of Calgary's (More)
    • You're so interesting! I do not believe I've read through a single thing like this before. So wonde (More)
    • I am wondering how and if you have been in contact with Education departments who focus on this. Muc (More)
    • I am wondering how and if you have been in contact with Education departments who focus on this. Muc (More)
    • I have a mandate from the Provost's Office here at the University of Windsor to work with mid-career (More)
    • They are evaluated in exactly the same way. We always flex the total number based on the score, but (More)
    • Hello Dr. Walker, Could you please clarify how the ~350 out of province applicants will be evalua (More)
    • panic is never helpful. Call the office and ask. Renee can tell you where things are at. (More)
    • thank you for this Nancy and colleagues! Having developed a Preparing Future Faculty program at my i (More)
    • Mine says the same thing (More)
    • Thanks for your response! My file still says "application submitted"... so at what point should (More)
    • Mouse over on certain streams to highlight that stream and tooltip for more information. I believe (More)
    • Thanks for the update Dr Walker! (More)
    • It should tell you where you are in the process. We still have a handful of people at "Application (More)