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New antispam measures

So Akismet seems to be working out pretty well, but there are still some evil spammers getting around it (or at least stuffing several blogs’ Akismet Moderation queues). I’ve added a couple more countermeasures – one to deal with automated… Continue Reading →

New Antispam Software

I’ve just rolled out new and improved antispam software to protect UCalgaryBlogs.ca using the great Akismet spam protection system provided by Automattic (the folks that help develop the WordPress software that runs the rest of UCalgaryBlogs.ca). What does that mean… Continue Reading →

displaying post revisions

If you’re using blog posts in a class, you may need to show an “audit trail” for the blog posts to indicate that it was posted before a deadline, and not edited afterward (because, you know you can always edit… Continue Reading →

embedding stuff in your blog posts

By default, the WordPress software used here at UCalgaryBlogs.ca filtered out the HTML embed tags for security reasons – on a shared server, you have to be a wee bit careful, especially when allowing anyone to create an account and… Continue Reading →

File Uploads

We’ve just increased the size of files that are allowed to be uploaded here. You can now upload files up to 20MB in size, and you have a quota of 500MB of files for your blog account. Currently, file uploads… Continue Reading →

Update to WordPress, and Prologue theme

I just updated UCalgaryBlogs to the latest and greatest version of WordPress (actually, I did it early this morning, before y’all started hammering on it). There shouldn’t be any visible changes – it’s all under the hood stuff. If anyone… Continue Reading →

Embedding a wiki page in a blog post

If you want to use a wiki as a collaborative content repository for a class or group, but still want to use a blog to manage discussion and communication within your class, you can have the best of both worlds…. Continue Reading →

Batch adding users to a WordPress site

I’m working with a faculty member who is using a WordPress with his students this semester as a place for them to publish and reflect as a group. To make things easier for everyone involved, it’s a good idea to batch create user accounts for the students so they don’t have to go through that […]

To the polls!

You want to go to the polls, but don’t want to wait until October? What to do? Now you can enable the WP-Polls plugin on your UCalgaryBlogs.ca website and run your OWN polls! Think of the fun you’ll have! The… Continue Reading →

upgraded ucalgaryblogs.ca to wpmu 2.6.1

Donncha pushed the WPMU 2.6.1 update live today, and it’s a required upgrade for security reasons. I just wanted to post that I’ve upgraded ucalgaryblogs.ca to WPMU 2.6.1 and everything appears fine. It took all of 2 minutes to do, too. Here’s my process:

back stuff up. login to the server via ssh download WPMU 2.6.1 into ~/temp, and […]

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