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Learning Spaces and Our Well Being

By Haboun Bair, Learning and Instructional Design Specialist at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning Think about a time in your life when someone was a pillar of strength for you On January 31, 2018, the Taylor Family Digital… Continue Reading →

UCalgaryBlogs updated to WordPress 4.2.1

There was a security issue in WordPress 4.2, which has been resolved in the latest 4.2.1 release.

Upgrades galore!

I finally got around to upgrading the software used by our humble blogging platform. I had to buy a new subscription to the plugin that we use to connect to the database, but that’s well worth it. We’re now running… Continue Reading →

Server back to normal

Looks like we’re back to normal operations here – IT is looking at adding some additional resources to the server to make sure it keeps on chugging along, and I’ll try to monitor it as closely as possible. If you… Continue Reading →

WordPress Updated

I just updated the WordPress software that run UCalgaryBlogs.ca – we’re now running the latest, greatest version 2.8.1. Everything should have gone smoothly, but as always if you find anything acting up, please let me know ASAP.

4 ways to NOT lose your awesome blog post

You’ve written a long, detailed, exhausting blog post. It’s really great. You’re proud of it. You hope the students in your class will be in awe of your awesome blog post. You’re stoked. You click Publish. And nothing happens. It’s… Continue Reading →

A blogsite as online newspaper

I was just sent a link to The Thunderbird – an online newspaper run by journalism students at UBC. It’s a fantastic newspaper, well written, well run. And it’s powered by WordPress – the same software that run UCalgaryBlogs.ca Collaborative… Continue Reading →

Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

I upgraded UCalgaryBlogs.ca to the latest greatest WordPress 2.7 version. Everything appears to be working fine, but you will notice a revamped blog admin and blog posting interface. For a really quick tour of the new features available, check out… Continue Reading →

Planned upgrade to WordPress 2.7

Unless anyone has any objections (and if you do, PLEASE let me know ASAP – or leave an anonymous comment here, or use the contact form anonymously) I’m hoping to upgrade the UCalgaryBlogs.ca server to the latest version of WordPress. It… Continue Reading →

New theme for UCalgaryBlogs.ca main site

The front page of UCalgaryBlogs.ca has been bugging me for some time now. I mean, it looked nice, and it was shiny, but it’s pointed in the wrong direction. It’s almost entirely about UCalgaryBlogs.ca – and almost entirely NOT about… Continue Reading →

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