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new feature – video tutorials

I’m going to be able to spend more time tweaking UCalgaryBlogs and adding new features to make it easier to use. There have already been a bunch of changes that have been mostly invisible – including updating to the latest… Continue Reading →

WordPress updated to 3.2

There’s a whole bunch of updatey goodness in the latest version of WordPress – including a revamped and prettified Dashboard interface. UCalgaryBlogs.ca got updated to 3.2 this morning, so you should be seeing the goods now. For a quick tour… Continue Reading →

new feature: avatars for authors of posts

When using a blog site for a class discussion, it can be nice to display an image of the author of a blog post, so it’s easier to see who’s “talking.” Previously, doing this involved hacking code into themes, so… Continue Reading →

minor issue with text display

During the move to the new server, it looks like some of the WordPress configuration may have altered, causing some text to be displayed oddly. I’m currently working on a fix for this, and will post an update ASAP.

UCalgaryBlogs is moving

The move is happening right now – the data was moved to our own database server long ago, and the files have now been moved to the new webserver. Once the DNS updates have been sent out, we’ll be officially… Continue Reading →

Importing users to your site

I’ve just enabled a new and powerful plugin for batch-adding users to a blog. It’s much simpler than the previous one, and only requires the email addresses for people to be added to your site. On any of your UCalgaryBlogs.ca… Continue Reading →

Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

We were finally able to upgrade the software that runs UCalgaryBlogs.ca to the shiny new WordPress 3.0. There are a lot of minor tweaks to the interface that should make the service easier to use. There are also still some… Continue Reading →

Now requiring @ucalgary.ca email addresses for new accounts

One of the initial goals behind setting up a blogging platform was that it should be possible for anonymous or pseudonymous blogging – the ability for people to create accounts that aren’t tied to their real or public identity. To… Continue Reading →

redesign for UCalgaryBlogs

There have been a bunch of changes, hopefully improvements, over the last few days. The BuddyPress “social networking layer” was turned off. It didn’t look like anyone was actually using it, and it was causing confusion (2 separate places to… Continue Reading →

service restored

The planned database code migration took a LOT longer than planned, and didn’t work out in the end. I wound up having to back out the planned code changes, so we’re back where we started. In addition, the campus database… Continue Reading →

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