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Switching security plugins

The security “firewall” (in quotes because it’s not a real firewall but more of a PHP-based filter…) we had been running here got a little overprotective. Which is nice, because it kept the evil russian mafia spammers out (seriously. it’s… Continue Reading →

Increasing security on UCalgaryBlogs

UCalgaryBlogs has grown organically for 10 years now – a whole decade of amazing things published by the University of Calgary Community. Through those years, we’ve slowly added a very long list of plugins (it had grown to over 200… Continue Reading →

Preparing UCalgaryBlogs for the fall semester

We’ve been kind of limping along for a few months now – the server has been under sustained and distributed attack by spammers around the world (but I’m looking squarely at YOU, Russia!). I’ve been adding countermeasures and tweaking the… Continue Reading →

Custom Content Types Manager plugin removed

I just discovered that the Custom Content Type Manager plugin has an apparent “back door”, meaning it is a gaping security vulnerability. As a result, I have deleted the plugin and all supporting files. I will check to see if… Continue Reading →

Summer 2015 updates

Lots of minor changes – most visibly, the layout for the main UCalgaryBlogs.ca site has been changed. Again. Hopefully, this both a) works well, so people can find stuff, and b) looks decent. There are still a few minor refinements… Continue Reading →

UCalgaryBlogs updated to WordPress 4.2

We’re now running the latest and greatest version of WordPress – lots of improvements, including better theme customizability, and more automatic media embed codes. As always, if you notice anything wonky in any of your sites, please let us know… Continue Reading →

added security on UCalgaryBlogs

This little campus blogging platform has been a target for spammers and other less-than-awesome internet people for a few years, but they’ve been ramping up their nefarious no-goodness lately. I’ve had to install some additional firewall security on the blog… Continue Reading →

Additional server resources for UCalgaryBlogs

The servers that power UCalgaryBlogs (and wiki.ucalgary.ca, and a few other projects) have been hitting some limits recently, without enough memory or horsepower to run the sites. IT has added additional memory and cpu cores to the servers (both the… Continue Reading →

Tags for public posts on UCalgaryBlogs

I just rolled out the new Tags page, providing a handy Tag Cloud view of public posts published across all sites on UCalgaryBlogs.ca. By clicking on any of the tags, you’ll get a list of everyone who has published something… Continue Reading →

New Server for UCalgaryBlogs!

You may have noticed the insanely frustrating series of downtimes and server crashes over the last few days. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and stress this will have caused – it’s not fun to be left wondering if your… Continue Reading →

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