About the server move

//About the server move

About the server move

We urgently need to move UCalgaryBlogs to a new server in order to implement some additional security to stop a serious email spam attack against the current server.

What will this mean for users of UCalgaryBlogs? The server move will be seamless and transparent – all files will be copied to the new server and your site(s) will automatically be hosted by the new server once that process is complete.

All data is stored on another server, which will not be affected by this server move.

All files (uploaded media to your sites) will be copied (and are already backed up) – but during the move, we will have to temporarily take UCalgaryBlogs offline in order to make sure there are no edits or uploads taking place during the move.

For timing, we’re hoping to have the move completed by the end of day on Thursday, January 10, 2019. There will be a (hopefully) brief period where the ucalgaryblogs.ca address will be unavailable, as the internet’s DNS records are updated to point to the new server.

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