Switching security plugins

//Switching security plugins

Switching security plugins

The security “firewall” (in quotes because it’s not a real firewall but more of a PHP-based filter…) we had been running here got a little overprotective. Which is nice, because it kept the evil russian mafia spammers out (seriously. it’s a thing.), but it meant that people often got caught in the net as innocent bystanders. People, like students who are anxiously trying to post something to a blog, or publish a page to a site, only to be told “please try again” when logging in, or “your site has been flagged as spam”, or something equally helpful.

We’re hopeful that those issues will go away with the new security plugin (which I’m not naming, because then the russian spam mafia script kiddies will know what to target. web publishing arms races are fun).

If you notice anything acting weirdly, or get blocked when trying to access your site(s), please let us know asap and we’ll try to track things down.

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