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Increasing security on UCalgaryBlogs

UCalgaryBlogs has grown organically for 10 years now – a whole decade of amazing things published by the University of Calgary Community. Through those years, we’ve slowly added a very long list of plugins (it had grown to over 200 installed plugins at one point) and themes in response to specific requests from people who needed to do something not-quite-built-in to WordPress.

We’re going to have to take some time to go through all of those plugins and themes, and will have to remove any that haven’t had security updates recently. This server has become a huge target for international spam cartels. I never thought I’d write a sentence quite as silly as that, but there it is. There are groups of folks who use automated tools to try to brute-force their way into unsuspecting WordPress installations in order to publish their content and links to increase traffic to their sites by playing with Google’s search engine algorithm.

Spam spam spam spam

Photo by Flickr user Brownpau.

We’ve already removed several plugins that had grown severely neglected by their publishers, and will be slowly working through the list to make sure unsafe plugins are removed, while hopefully not removing functionality needed by our active community members.

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