Preparing UCalgaryBlogs for the fall semester

//Preparing UCalgaryBlogs for the fall semester

Preparing UCalgaryBlogs for the fall semester

We’ve been kind of limping along for a few months now – the server has been under sustained and distributed attack by spammers around the world (but I’m looking squarely at YOU, Russia!). I’ve been adding countermeasures and tweaking the configuration of the server, and it has seemed to mitigate the impact of this constant bombardment.

Earlier today, I replaced the performance cache system – switching from WP-SuperCache to W3┬áTotal Cache. SuperCache has been working well, but we’ve still been having lots of slow-server times. I’m hopeful that TotalCache will be able to help. It caches static files, optimizes database queries, and caches the code and data used to run the site so it doesn’t need to be spooled up fresh for each request.

W3 Total Cache is activated for all sites automatically – if you are logged into your own site, you may see a “Performance” item in the top black menu bar. You can ignore it if you like, or if you notice your site isn’t displaying the latest content for folks, hit the “Empty Cache” links in that menu (and [let us know]( so we can tweak settings if needed).

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