I just rolled out the new Tags page, providing a handy Tag Cloud view of public posts published across all sites on UCalgaryBlogs.ca. By clicking on any of the tags, you’ll get a list of everyone who has published something on a non-private site, and can click through to read the posts. Very cool stuff. Several courses have already been using the tags feature to organize things within and across sites – but now, something like the the 679.25 tag (which is used by EDER 679.25, a graduate education course) will take you to all posts by students, no matter which blog they posted to.

Want to find out who’s writing about, say, federalism? or Shakespeare? or Batman?

I’ve set it to archive only the last 12 months worth of posts, so the tag cloud should evolve throughout the school year. What a fantastic view into our active community of academic blogging! There will still be some tweaks to make – mostly to make sure the tag index is automatically updated – but this is a great way to keep up with what’s going on with the UCalgaryBlogs community. A nice bonus side effect was finding a bunch of spam blog sites that had slipped past the filters, but had dutifully tagged their filth so it showed up in the aggregated tag cloud, making it easy to clean up after them.

So, if you want to have your stuff shown through the Tags interface, be sure to have your blog site set to public access, and add tags when you write your posts.

I’m working on a few other community and activity-stream features that will really help, as well. More on those soon…