You may have noticed the insanely frustrating series of downtimes and server crashes over the last few days.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and stress this will have caused – it’s not fun to be left wondering if your stuff is safe. Thankfully, I had several backups, and all data and files were always safe. But the server kept falling over so I had to reboot it. Like, a lot.

It was an old server. We scrounged it from the salvage heap (literally – it was headed out to surplus several years ago, and since I didn’t have a budget to run UCalgaryBlogs, I had to snag it and coax it back into service). The duct tape eventually wasn’t strong enough to keep the electrons humming, and the server started getting really cranky.

Thankfully, UCalgary IT stepped up to offer 2 shiny new servers. Well, they’re technically not shiny – they’re virtual servers, so they’re kind of invisible. But they should be more than adequate for our growing needs over the next several years. We get one server dedicated to handling the website, and one just for databases. Each with oodles of giggleburtz and megapixels. And, as we need more resources for the servers, they can be easily added because of the whole “virtual” thing. Magic!

Anyway. Enough rambling about servers. I’m really sorry about the frustration this kind of thing causes. My intentions were for UCalgaryBlogs to be a robust platform that Just Worked™ so you could focus on writing awesome stuff without having to futz around with backups and installing stuff. Hopefully, we’re back on track for that. So, go write awesome stuff.

If you’d like, drop me a line and I’d be happy to buy you a coffee (or other $beverage) to talk about UCalgaryBlogs or anything else. Lots of really interesting stuff going on around campus now!

  • D’Arcy