When using a blog site for a class discussion, it can be nice to display an image of the author of a blog post, so it’s easier to see who’s “talking.” Previously, doing this involved hacking code into themes, so it was unreliable and quirky. Now, we have a plugin (written by yours truly) that’s available for anyone to enable on their sites here on UCalgaryBlogs.

To enable avatars for blog post authors, go to the Dashboard of your site, and click on the “Plugins” section in the left sidebar. Find the one called “Display Avatars” and click “Activate”. That’s all there is to it. Now, wherever blog posts are displayed on your site, the author’s avatar will be displayed along with it.

To customize the avatar image used for your account, edit your profile. The fastest way to do that is to click your name in the top right corner of the Dashboard for your site. Upload an avatar image to UCalgaryBlogs, and it’ll be used. Otherwise, it will fall back on the external Gravatar system, displaying the Gravatar associated with the email account you used. Or, it’ll fall back on a boring dull default if nothing is available.