If you want to publish an online newspaper or magazine, we’ve just installed a new theme that will make the process much smoother, and the product quite nicely polished. Just select the “Magazine Basic” theme for your blog site, and it will modify the display of the blog to use a magazine-like layout, with featured articles, category-driven sections, excerpts, and thumbnail images.

The theme offers a fair amount of control over the display, as well. You can choose between 2 sizes (800px or 1024px wide), 1 or 2 sidebars, custom header images, and the number of posts to display on the front magazine layout. Here’s what the theme looks like on my blog:


It also provides some handy links for people who have logged in (say, the collaborating authors of the magazine) to easily publish new content and navigate the magazine website.

Here are some of the options you’ll get to help control the layout and display of your magazine:

Layout options: magazine-layout

Header options: magazine-header

Features: magazine-features