Odds are, you’re working on a group project this semester. Right now, even. And you’re looking for a way to keep track of what all of the other slackersmembers are doing. You don’t want anything that’s going to require a lot of overhead – timesheets are way overkill, and even a simple project management site like basecamphq.com (as awesome as it is – check it out if you haven’t already) is just too much for a simple class group project. What to do?

Well… you could just use a fresh blog here on UCalgaryBlogs.ca – Hit the “Create a new blog site” link on the front page, and set up a new blog for your group. Name it something creative, and have all of the group members join as Authors (the blog creator can even batch enroll them if it’ll help). Then, head over to the “Appearance” section of the blog’s admin screens, and select the “Prologue” theme. That will turn the new blog site into a handy dandy “whatcha up to?” progress and status tracker. You can of course set the blog to be public or private (public blogs let you subscribe to the RSS feed so you can put status updates on your iGoogle page or subscribe from within Thunderbird or Mail).

I’ve been toying with using it here in the Teaching & Learning Centre to keep track of what we’re doing internally. Works great. Less filling. It’s easy and lightweight, and helps to keep tabs of what the other folks are doing. You can even tag entries to organize the updates – maybe for a specific part of the group project like “presentation” or “meeting notes” or “beer”.

The Prologue theme is handy because you don’t have to go into a “New Post” screen to post an entry – just type into the box at the top of the blog itself.


If you’d like to get up and running with a Prologue-powered group project site, let me know, and I’ll help you get started.