I’ve installed a new plugin here to provide some great new features for you to use on your blogs and websites. The plugin is called “WP-Sentry” and it lets you create groups of members on your blog, and to specify which group(s) get to see a post.

You could have a blog site with 100 members in it, and break into smaller groups to discuss topics privately, without having the discussions or posts visible to the entire class (or to the general public). When authoring a post, you determine which groups it should be seen by, and can also identify individual members to be allowed to see the post as well, so you can invite people to review or comment on a post without granting them full access to all content posted in that group.

Here’s what the group selection interface looks like when the plugin has been enabled on a blog:


If you’re interested in enabling the private and group blogging features on your blog, please let me know and I’ll help you get set up.