If you want to use a wiki as a collaborative content repository for a class or group, but still want to use a blog to manage discussion and communication within your class, you can have the best of both worlds. UCalgaryBlogs.ca now has a plugin that lets you embed live versions of any MediaWiki hosted wiki page (including wiki.ucalgary.ca and wikipedia.org among many others) right in your blog post. This is not a copy/paste snapshot, but a live embedded version of the wiki page. Any edits made to the wiki page will be automatically displayed on the blog post.

Here’s a quick screencast to demonstrate the process:

If you want to use the wiki embedding functionality, you’ll need to go to your Plugins page for your blog’s admin interface, and enable the “Wiki, Inc.” plugin. Then, the blog post authoring form will have the “Append Wiki Page” section available at the bottom of the editing page.

The process also works for Pages as well as Posts, so if you want to flesh out a course structure using Pages on a blog, you can embed live versions of wiki pages on those as well.