I installed Spam Karma 2 to help proactively combat the evil blog comment spammers. It should be pretty transparent to blog users – you shouldn’t have to do anything, it should Just Work™. Having just jinxed that, it’ll likely act up for someone. If you notice comments not getting published, or find evil spam comments on your blog, please let me know.

I also installed a Big Theme Pack, meaning there are a WHOLE bunch of themes for you to choose from to customize your blog. I haven’t made a UCalgary theme for WordPress yet, but that’s on my list of Things To Do™.

In the meantime, have at’er, and publish to your heart’s content.

Plugins I’m investigating for use on this service:

  • Theme Editor (to let you breakcustomize the theme for your blog)
  • PodPress (to let you podcast all kinds of cool stuff just by posting .mp3 to your blog)