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    • Room Waitlists
      if a students wants to be put on a wait list for a different room (1 BD, Studio...) please inform them that we do not hold wait lists to change rooms.  We stopped doing this a few years ago because it
    • The Beauty of Monosyllables
      Research has taken me by the hand and led me in new directions. Proudly I came with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, and humbly I leave with the King James Bible. Perhaps this theological tu
    • Call for Proposals: Technology/Politics
      Call for Proposals Technology/Politics Centre for the Study of Theory, Culture, and Politics Trent University, Peterborough, ON, October 24-25, 2014      In celebration of the 25th anniversary of
    • Elective Course Spring/Summer 2014
      Narrative Inquiry (NURSING 601.60/701/60) is a sophisticated and relational form of qualitative research, in which inquirers use story as a means to understand, access, and work with the experiences o
    • Final Exam notes
      EDIT: Yes you may bring in a "cheat sheet" as in the tests. The final exam will have three sections. Section one and section two will both be short answer sections with questions asking you abou
    • Distinguished Speakers
      Distinguished Speakers on Campus series to feature Dr. Steven E. Koonin, Director, Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), New York University Topic: Urban Informatics: A New Tool for Addressin
    • Mitacs Accelerate PhD Fellowship
      Three year PhD fellowship valued at $30,000 per year. Open to all disciplines. Deadline: 2:00pm, June 18, 2014 http://www.mitacs.ca/accelerate/program-guide
    • Welcome to PPOL 621
      Welcome to PPOL 621.
    • Move-Out
      With move-out starting please make sure how to properly check students out. Please read the red folder up front to know and understand how move-out works along with all steps that need to be comple
    • Tree Lines
      I used to walk the dotted line but now I live spherically in all cardinal directions Sailing a sea of silk shirts and the sterile smell of Chanel No 5-- clutching a bough that breaks into
    • Dear Stress
      The Dear Stress Video Competition, a collaborative initiative from the SU Wellness Centre and the Faculty of Nursing, has now wrapped up. Entrants were tasked with creating short videos about their
    • The Coalition for Western Women's History Irene Ledesma Prize
      The Coalition for Western Women's History Irene Ledesma Prize The Irene Ledesma Prize is awarded to a Ph.D. graduate student to support research in western women's and gender history. The $1,000 Pr
    • EI regional inequality
      Until the new Employment Insurance reform can take complete effect, the current program is more easily accessed for longer periods in regions with higher unemployment rates than in regions with low un
    • EI recipient working while on claim: New Rule
      Another section for the new reform addresses the question of ‘working while on claim.’ The new regulation announced that the provision ‘working while on claim’ would be redesigned and re-introduced. T
    • EI benefit calculation under the new rule
      The new benefit calculation extends the benefit calculation period from twenty-six to fifty-two weeks. This new calculation will be particularly beneficial to recipients who had unstable week-to-week

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